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Free Satellite Dish and
Free Four-Room Receiver System
Satellite Television
Dish TV
Free Satellite Dish and
Free Four-Room Receiver System
$29.99 mo. for 150+ channels plus free Showtime for 3 months.
Dish TV
 Programming Package
$29.99 mo. for 120+ channels plus free HBO Cinemax or Starz for 3 months.
$34.99 mo. for 210+ channels, 63 XM satellite radio channels, plus free Showtime and Starz for 3 months
Most Popular
 Dish TV
Programming Package
$39.99 mo. for 220+ channels, 35 music channels, 54 Sirius satellite radio channels, plus free Showtime for 3 months
Included with service
Local Channels
Included with service
-9 Sports Packages-

-ESPN GamePlan
-Barclays English Premier League (EPL)

Sports Packages
-7 Sports Packages-

-ESPN GamePlan
-Barclays English Premier League (EPL)

Arabic, Brazilian, Caribbean, Chinese, Filipino,  Greek, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, South Asian, Spanish, Ukranian, Vietnamese

International Programming

African, Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Israeli, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, South Asian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese
73 XM satellite radio channels
Digital Satellite Music Channels
52 music channels and 60 Sirius satellite radio channels
60 movies per month, plus sports and special events
Movies and Events
75 movies per month, plus sports and special events
Adult Programming Available
Free DVR receiver, $4.99 per month for service
DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Receiver
Free DVR receiver,
$4.98 per month for service
Free HD for life
130 channels
Free HD receiver
(High Definition)
 Dish TV
Free HD for life
120 channels
Free HD receiver
One year
Service Commitment
One year
Yes, 24/7
365 days a year
Online and Toll-Free
Customer Service and Support
Yes, 24/7
365 days a year
Top ranked
Customer Satisfaction Rank
Top ranked
Yes, 24/7
365 days a year
Toll-Free Ordering
by Phone
Yes, 24/7
365 days a year
Credit-Card-Safe Secure Ordering by Phone and Online
1 to 5 days
Time it Takes from Ordering until Dish TV
Service is Installed
1 to 5 days

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Satellite TV vs. Cable TV

If you wonder what differences there are in cable TV vs. satellite TV also known as Dish TV.  You may think it is just the way the signal is received and in large that part it is.  There are other things that differentiate the two as well.  Let us look at a few of those differences below.

Cable vs. Satellite TV may seem like a difficult question to answer, however it is really quite simple.  Cable television is delivered to your home by a coaxial cable.  This cable actually runs a great distance to reach your TV usually miles.  It is quite easy for your cable signal to fade inconsistently in and out because of the length of coaxial cable.  Interference can be great if there is a storm the likelihood that your cable will go out in a storm is quite good due to the length that the cable travels,  or if someone is working on a road or yard and  hits the wires in the ground.  This is not to say cable is a necessarily a bad choice.  Cable also can be digital, which can give you a better, clearer quality signal than regular TV.  You will also have a cable box if you have digital cable.  The monthly fees for cable channels are usually a little bit more expensive than satellite TV especially if you want to add movie channels so if cost is a factor, Satellite TV is a better choice. The amount of channels that you have available with Cable TV is however limited to the abilities of your cable television provider. Satellite Dish TV has a much higher number of channels that you have accessible.

When you consider Cable vs. Satellite TV, you need to consider how the signal is received; Satellite TV offers an uninterrupted signal from the satellite when you have satellite dish tv.  You do need a receiver and most receivers have great features like DVR and picture viewers. It takes a few minutes to get the satellite oriented on the signal when it is first installed but most providers nowadays offer free professional installation, so this is all done by professionals. With Satellite TV you only have to worry about the coaxial cable going from the receiver to the television, so the signal is almost always clearer on satellite TV and has less downtime than cable.  In addition, the satellite TV is all digital as long as you have a television that receives the digital signal or an adapter you will be able to receive a satellite TV digital picture.




Finding the best Satellite TV deals

Satellite TV deals are are readily available, especially if you have never  had satellite TV service before.  As with all companies, Satellite TV provider's market to a target audience to get more customers.  In the world of television, companies can target just about everyone.  The difficulty is that all companies have deals.  The trick is finding the best deal for you and your family.  The easiest way to do this is  actually speaking with a satellite dish TV customer service representative, or searching side-by-side comparisons of Satellite TV Providers to make an educated decision.

There are really only two satellite TV companies, Dish Network and DirecTV.  Once you have established that you are looking for satellite TV deals,  you will quickly realize that you have only these two choices.  As an attempt to keep their customers happy,  both service providers keep with in a few dollars of each other when selecting a channel lineup.  This makes the decision for the consumer a little bit easier.  The best way to decide which is the better deal, is the amount you have to pay for the equipment.  Satellite dish TV equipment prices and features vary significantly so you definitely need to compare these features to see what will work best for your needs..

Both Dish Network and DirecTV both require you to provide your social security number when you sign up for service so that they can run a credit check on you,  if you are receiving one of their Free or heavily discounted equipment deals.  They are typically giving you $1000 worth of equipment for free so they want to make sure that you are not going to run off with their equipment. We routinely search far and wide for the best Dish Network Deals and DirecTV Deals available and post them along with our comparison above.




The New Digital Satellite TV

Satellite TV also known as Dish TV has been around for over a decade.  It used to be available to everyone who was not able to get cable at his or her home.  The dishes originally required a lot of space so not everyone could afford to buy the system nor could they have the dish on their property if their neighborhoods had certain restrictions.  Now they have made satellite TV available for everyone.  Satellite TV uses a much smaller dish that can be installed on railings or roofs of a home in only a few minutes and without difficulty.  Once the dish is installed you have to hook up the receiver to the television.  The receiver will then transmit signals from the satellite to the TV.

Satellite TV also converted to a digital signal before cable television.  The ability for the digital signal to reach the satellite was much easier because it did not travel along any cable line.  It was directly uploaded to the dish.  The key to having a digital satellite TV picture is to have a television that will allow the signal to transmit to the screen.  Older TV's do not have the capacity to produce digital signals without a receiver box.

Once you have satellite TV you will be able to view any channel that is available as long as you are willing to pay for it.  Similar to cable,  you have to have a satellite TV provider such as Dish Network or DirecTV.  The satellite channels actually cost you less than cable television and you tend to get more channels for less.  Satellite TV has changed over the years to make it more convenient and affordable for consumers and their families.



Dish TV Entertainment for those on a Budget

Satellite TV also known as Dish TV is rapidly becoming a top choice for family entertainment.  Dish TV costs only pennies per hour for entertaining your entire family. With Dish TV packages only costing between $24.99 per month and $89.99 per month, your families entertainment dollars can stretch much farther with Dish TV than with most other forms of family fun.  Dish TV offers cartoon channels for the younger children and sports packages for the sports fanatics.  Dish TV with DVR service allows you to record hours of programs to watch on demand whenever you wish.  Dish TV carries all of the major networks which offer reality TV series such as Real Housewives, Top Chef, Deadliest Catch and Whale Wars to name a few.  So with a  price point that is difficult to match in these tough economic times, Dish TV is a budget conscious pick for your family's entertainment.






Satellite TV Service is available everywhere in the USA!

 Many discount packages and deals are available for Dish Network and DirecTV customers in the following cities:

Direct TV Satellite TV St. Louis, MO

Direct TV Anaheim, CA

Direct TV Satellite TV Anchorage, AK

Direct TV Satellite TV Atlanta, GA

Direct TV Satellite TV Austin, TX

Direct TV Satellite TV Boston, MA

Direct TV Satellite TV Los Angeles, CA

Direct TV Satellite TV Buffalo, NY

Direct TV Satellite TV New York City, NY

Direct TV Satellite TV Chicago, IL

Direct TV Satellite TV Dallas, TX

Direct TV Satellite TV Denver, CO

Direct TV Satellite TV Detroit, MI

Direct TV Satellite TV San Francisco, CA

Direct TV Satellite TV Honolulu, HI

Direct TV Satellite TV Miami, FL

Direct TV Satellite TV Kansas City, MO

Direct TV Satellite TV Las Vegas, NV

Direct TV Satellite TV Minneapolis, MN

Direct TV Satellite TV Orlando, FL

Direct TV Satellite TV Philadelphia, PA

Direct TV Satellite TV Phoenix, AZ

Direct TV Satellite TV Portland, OR

Direct TV Satellite TV San Diego, CA

Direct TV Satellite TV Seattle, WA

Dish Network Dish TV St. Louis, MO

Dish Network Dish TV Anaheim, CA

Dish Network Dish TV Anchorage, AK

Dish Network Dish TV Atlanta, GA

Dish Network Dish TV Austin, TX

Dish Network Dish TV Boston, MA

Dish Network Dish TV Los Angeles, CA

Dish Network Dish TV Buffalo, NY

Dish Network Dish TV New York City, NY

Dish Network Dish TV Chicago, IL

Dish Network Dish TV Dallas, TX

Dish Network Dish TV Denver, CO

Dish Network Dish TV Detroit, MI

Dish Network Dish TV San Francisco, CA

Dish Network Dish TV Honolulu, HI

Dish Network Dish TV Miami, FL

Dish Network Dish TV Kansas City, MO

Dish Network Dish TV Las Vegas, NV

Dish Network Dish TV Minneapolis, MN

Dish Network Dish TV Orlando, FL

Dish Network Dish TV Philadelphia, PA

Dish Network Dish TV Phoenix, AZ

Dish Network Dish TV Portland, OR

Dish Network Dish TV San Diego, CA

Dish Network Dish TV Seattle, WA

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